Starry Expanse Project - Prisoner WIP

This is my current project that I am working on for the Starry Expanse Project, a fan project where we are rebuilding Riven, the Sequel to Myst! This is one of the side characters the player meets briefly in the prison on the Jungle Island.
You can find out more about the project here:

Please note this character is not nearly finished but I wanted to include him in my portfolio to show what I am currently working on. For this character I've been learning Marvelous Designer and trying to take my hair creation a bit further than I have before.
I built a proxy model early on to allow us to start working with characters in engine which I rigged using Epic's Animation and Rigging Toolset, this model is animatable and working in engine.

Cameron craig presentimage mprisoner01
Cameron craig presentimage mprisoner02