Scout Pilot

I've wanted to model my own take on a Titanfall Pilot for a while and this is my final result! This character is a mercenary whose Titan is a stealth jet. It can land and walk around but it walks on all fours sort of like how a Wyvrn does. The backpack on her back contains an inflatable balloon connected to a high tension cable, after she completes a mission she deploys the balloon and the jet grabs it like the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system used by the CIA and Navy (and Batman). Their focus is on getting in and out fast.

This character was a huge challenge and I learned a lot on it. I wanted to push myself to do something with more detail and more gear. I also wanted to take a shot at modeling a better gun. This character was built off of my 'Female Base Mesh' model. I spent about four weeks on that base mesh and then it took me another two months to finish all of this. The goal was to get it done around now so that I can participate in the next art station challenge.