Kri Predah - First Person Game Villain Concept

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Cameron craig design summary

Concept Process

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Software Used

Kri was designed to be the antagonist in a hypothetical first person action/thriller game. This is a concept model rendered in Unreal 4. The next step after this would be to create the actual game ready model.

This is a project I made to try out a different concept process for game characters. The goal was to help get a more representative version of a game character concept into the engine quickly to spot problems with the design as early as possible.

My process for this involved spending a lot of time on my hi-poly model and really ensuring the details and color work well. Then I auto generated topology using ZRemesh in ZBrush, then I auto retopologized in 3D-Coat, and then I applied a rough pass on materials in substance painter using a color ID mask. This whole process of getting from hi poly to the in engine render only took about a day.