Resume & CV


The following is my general CV for character art and game development.

Character Modeling: All of the characters in my portfolio were built entirely by me from concept to rendered in Unreal 4. I have worked hard in my time at school to understand all elements of the character pipeline like making great looking high poly models, baking them to low poly models with good topology for skinning, and even the more technical aspects like building shaders and rigging/skinning. Rendering all of my characters rigged and posed in Unreal 4 has helped me to make sure my processes and pipelines are working in the engine where it matters. I am always looking for new tools and techniques to integrate into my pipeline. You can see my characters on my website here: Character Portfolio

Game Development: In my senior year I worked with a team of 11 people to build our game Guardian of the Gears. For this project I managed the art team (a team of 5 including myself), I built the villain character, I worked with the design and tech teams to ensure the art was working and clear, I did all of the game’s lighting, I set up modular shaders to help our environment kit go further, I did all of the rigging/skinning, I set up cinematics, and I trained the other artists on tools and pipelines to help them get their art into the game and looking as intended. I love working in teams and I always look for ways to both be an effective team member and to help my team achieve better results. Our game turned out great and was even a finalist in the E3 College Games Competition. You can see more on it here: Guardian of the Gears

Other Experience: In the past I worked in the engineering department of a manufacturing company in a department support role. My job there included learning new tools and teaching the rest of the team how to use them as well as develop best practices and template files for the new tools. I also worked to develop custom Excel based tools used for product configuration, product pricing, and product visualization. I am very self-motivated and was able to work with very little supervision, I instead looked for what needed to be done and made it happen. I learned a lot about working with others, taking feedback, the value of being self-motivated, and always keeping in mind the goal of a project. 

- Cameron Craig